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Learn about the issues intersex people face.


What does it mean to be intersex? Our quick fact sheet will tell you.

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Hear what some doctors advocating intersex surgeries tell us.

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Human Rights Watch Video

Human Rights Watch showcases intersex medical consent issues in a 6 minute captioned video.

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Ally Do’s and Don’ts

The most important tips for all allies, as well as medical allies specifically.

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Tell your friends, teachers, LGBT and other community organizations.

What We Wish
Our Friends Knew

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Talking to the Media

the Media

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What We Wish Our Teachers Knew

What We Wish
Our Teachers Knew

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Intersex Employees

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Intersex 101 PowerPoint Presentation & Accompanying Speaker’s Notes

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Talking About Intersex on Social Media, Hashtag and Language Guide

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Find out your local hospital’s policies and speak with doctors on how they treat intersex kids.

How to Find Out
Practices of Hospitals
In Your Area

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Intersex Affirming Hospital Policies
by interACT and Lambda Legal

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What We Wish
Our Doctors Knew

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Get intersex human rights issues on the radar of lawmakers at your local and state level.

California Leads the Way:
Read the Text of Resolution SCR-110, Passed in 2018

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How to Find
and Call Your Lawmakers

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California Continues:
Read the Text of SB 201, Pending in 2020

Read the Bill Text
Preview graphic of 1-page PDF fact sheet about SB 201, created by Equality California

SB 201 Single Page Fact Sheet

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Preview graphic linked to PDF of frequently asked questions document about SB 201, created by the ACLU and interACT

SB 201 Frequently Asked Questions

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The state of California passed SCR-110, a resolution calling on the medical profession to heed international human rights guidelines and delay procedures to normalize intersex infants’ bodies, such as clitoral reductions, until an individual can participate in the decision. SCR-110 is the first legislation in U.S. history to name the harms of non-consensual medical interventions on intersex people.

In January 2019, California followed up by introducing SB 201, a bill to ensure that intersex people are given the opportunity to provide informed consent before any medical treatments that could irreversibly affect puberty, sexual function, or fertility, including reducing a clitoris, creating a vagina, or removing healthy gonadal tissue. The bill was heard in April 2019, and postponed for future hearings beginning in January 2020.

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